Scorpion LED grow lights

Very good unit! For the price and electricity usage, you can't beat it. But ya about two years now and still working well! A lot of hours on it!.

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Great product!
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I was a bit leery about purchasing this led grow light. The price is much lower than similar lights sold in Canada, so I thought that it's quality would be compromised. However, the quality is fine. I received my grow light about 4 days after ordering. Much faster than I expected. It works perfectly. After switching from my 600W HPS over to this led grow light, my plants are doing very well. In fact, they are thriving better over the past 5 days since switching over to this new light. I am very happy with it so far.

My crops are x3 the size!
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What is full spectrum grow light?

First generation of LED grow lights consisted mostly red and blue LEDs, but through trail and error as well as practical experience we now understand which spectrum the plants truly desire and in what exact ratios work best with particular spices. So Scorpion grow lights are really the perfect blend of spectra specifically selected for high demands of Cannabis plants.

How we do it best?

Other grow lights combine separate LEDs often in large arrays, problem has always been PAR Hot spots, COB emit a completely even light spectrum to every leaf without any hot spots of some spectra allowing every photo receptor on each leaf the same mix required for full photosynthesis.

How to choose best full spectrum led grow light for an indoor grow room?

Your number one enemy as a grower is heat, both radient and Infrared when they raise above optimum growing temperatures. Chose a light that wont put out more heat than you can easily deal with simple exhaust fans or possibly basic AC.

Look for proper certification, without it you are 100% responsible for any damage it may cause (Fire damage from poorly made products happen all to often). cUL and Intertek or ETL certified assure you the light is built to the highest and most up-to-date safety standards.

Look for 3-5% of the total light to be in the IR and UV spectrum and less than 5% of green spectrum, green is required in small %s for healthy plants.

Pass on the gimmicks, controlling individual spectrum may be nice if your growing many types of species but cannabis requires a complex blend. Remote controls and other options are rarely needed.