What makes Scorpion Grow lights the grower’s choice?

Growthstar has been working with growers to perfect the lighting spectrum blends required for Cannabis, a more complex plant to cultivate than most, it has very specific Spectra requirements to produce optimal resins and other Cannabinoid compounds. The Scorpion Grow Light series is the result of almost a decade of research, testing and development. New technologies such as Nano-particle Phosphor coatings and amazing Lumen per watt LED chipsets are allowing us to achieve never seen before results. From small 3×3 tents to massive indoor grow rooms, Scorpion grow lights are producing award wining flowers with higher oil and THC, CBD compounds than ever before.

Scorpion grow lights use COB or Chip on Board LED’s allowing us to use High output UV Blue LEDs covered with our proprietary Phosphorus coating. This thin film over the chip lets us craft a spectrum mix under which cannabis plants thrive. These heavy duty Grow lights are built to last, without any plastic lenses, glues and we keep the chips running cool with individual heat sinks for every chip.

Canopy Penetration

No spec sheet can really tell you how far away from the light will grow fully developed flowers, most lights cannot produce quality flowers more than 2 ft or about 60cm below the light source. Scorpion Growers are finding full flowers up to 5 ft away from light.

Very good unit! For the price and electricity usage, you can't beat it. But ya about two years now and still working well! A lot of hours on it!.

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Great product!
Owner at Speedy Growth

I was a bit leery about purchasing this led grow light. The price is much lower than similar lights sold in Canada, so I thought that it's quality would be compromised. However, the quality is fine. I received my grow light about 4 days after ordering. Much faster than I expected. It works perfectly. After switching from my 600W HPS over to this led grow light, my plants are doing very well. In fact, they are thriving better over the past 5 days since switching over to this new light. I am very happy with it so far.

My crops are x3 the size!
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