How much will I get at harvest?
This loaded question always seems to pop up and the truth is it varies and is dependant on so many variables it is nearly impossible to gauge. Rule of thumb: 1 to 2 grams per watt of total power used. Best we’ve seen? One plant produced 9 ounces of amazing flowers it was one of 8 plants under 1300 watts of Scorpion 5x Grow lights
Are they just for flowering?
Our crafted spectrum is focused on flowering but produces amazing vegetative plants as well, just remember Scorpion grow lights are strong enough to kill weak plants if placed to close.
How far away to hang light?
Rule of thumb: 16 to 24 inches from canopy top (35-60 cm). Keep small plants around 2-3 ft or (60- 90) cm away from lights and only move closer when plants begin to grow vigorously Heathy plants can be within 12 inch’s or 30 cm away from light but its overkill and unusable by the plant.
Why are there 2 switches?
These are simply power switches that each control half of the modules allowing the grower to reduce light power until plants are established without raising and lowering the fixture.
Do I have to buy a ballast?
No, Scorpion COB lights use an independent driver and heatsink/fan for each COB Module and are all built in to the fixture. This also simplifies repairs and cleaning or servicing.
How hot do the Scorpion grow lights get?
The lights do produce some heat, some created by the UV and IR is required for plant growth and some heat is also produced by the heatsinks as a byproduct of the active cooling of the LED.